We are a company of services provided by people for people and although it seems otherwise we are a group of scholars and normal collectors who are passionate about Numismatics and Philately, we have joined together in order to give a service much desired by collectors.

As time goes by we accumulate stamps, coins, letters, banknotes, etc., which are of no use to us and which we would like to sell in order to obtain new pieces.

Is this your problem?. If so, we are here to offer you a solution.

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We know first-hand what the thoughts of numismatic and philatelic collectors are, and that is the beginning of our history because we think: why don't we make a platform that puts collectors who want to sell their pieces in contact with those other collectors who are looking for them?.

We know that there are other platforms on the market but no specialized one like the one we offer you.

You have no excuse because you have the solution to get rid of those pieces that are no longer useful for your collections at the click of a button. Make your own story!.

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We are collectors and we know very well that we all have a favorite collection!. We understand that you love your collection and that you are always looking for new pieces to improve it.

We offer a wide range of new pieces, both Numismatics and Philately, to satisfy all the tastes of the collector, such as the possibility of selling your repeated pieces or those that are no longer of your interest to other collectors who are looking for them.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the themes of our blog so that they can serve you of improvement and benefit of your collections.

conjunto cartas - numismaticayfilatelia


Because we strive to offer you a totally personalized service and good quality, we address you with clarity and precision.

Because we attend you as soon as possible because we know how important your products, your collections and your shop are to you.

And because in our platform you will be able to develop your own shop for free, without having to travel and without installing any software.

Discover all the advantages we can offer you!.

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