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How can a user become a seller?
First you must create a customer account. From your customer account you can create a merchant account.
How much does it cost me to open a store in the Marketplace?
NOTHING. You can open a store and increase the number of products you want, you will only pay a commission when one of your products is sold.
Can sellers register without the consent of the market administrator?
Seller moderation is enabled so the seller needs the administrator's consent to register.
When a new seller is registered, does the administrator receive an email?
Yes, the administrator receives an email alerting him/her when a new vendor is registered.
Is there a limit to the number of products I can upload to the Marketplace stores?
NO. You can upload as many products to your store as you want, there is no limit.
What options do I have to sell my products?
You can sell your products either at a fixed price or in auction mode.
Do I have a time limit to keep products within the Marketplace?
NO. Sellers can have their products for as long as they want without a cost or commission.
Do sellers have their own page in the market?
YES. Each seller has its own profile where their information appears: logo, name, shop, etc.
When the seller edits his account, is his profile visible to the public?
Vendor moderation is enabled so the vendor's profile will not be visible to the public until it is validated by the Administrator.
Do I have to pay anything for products I don't sell?
NO, the seller does not pay any commission for the products he offers in the Marketplace and they are not sold.
Does the seller receive an email when their product has been sold?
Yes, this email will be received at the same time the sale is generated when the customer places an order.
Where can I find the Marketplace rates?
The rates for the sale of products in the Marketplace can be found in the TO SELL column of the footer of any web page, you can also find them HERE.
Can sellers see a summary of their sales?
YES. sellers can see in their seller account a linear graph with their sales and some significant data about them. They can filter by date to see their sales in a certain period and also to see the last orders received.
Can customers contact the seller?
YES. Messages can be sent between customer and seller that can be used to request more information about a product or to manage an incident associated with an order.
Can the administrator respond to a customer-seller conversation?
The administrator can respond to messages between seller and customer if he or she deems it appropriate.
Can the administrator start a new conversation with a customer or vendor?
Yes. The administrator can add a new message for a customer or a salesperson.
Is it possible to send an attachment in messages between client, seller and administrator?
YES. Messages can be sent with attachments.
Can the seller be a customer?
Yes. In fact to create a merchant account you first need to create a customer account. From the customer account you can register as a merchant.
Can customers follow me as a salesman?
Customers can become followers of a seller from a product file of the seller or also from the seller's profile. The seller's profile also shows the number of followers he has.
Can the seller have his own transporters?
YES, sellers have the ability to add their own carriers and shipping rates.
Can the seller edit his account?
YES, the merchant can edit the details of their merchant account. Name, email, logo, etc. can be modified. The seller will have to wait for the acceptance of the market to see again his enabled profile with the new data.
Can sellers enable and disable their products?
YES. Vendors can enable and disable their products from the vendor's products page. This option also appears to run it massively by previously selecting several products at once.
Can the seller edit his products?
Yes, all product information can be modified.
Can sellers eliminate their products?
YES. A delete button appears for each product in the seller's product listing allowing the removal of the product from their account and from the market catalog. At the same time, a confirmation message for the removal will also appear. This option is also shown to execute it massively by previously selecting several products at the same time.
What forms of payment can I install in my market?
You can install all the payment methods you need. You should know that all purchases made by customers are received by the site administrator.
How is the process of a sale?
The customer buys the product from a seller, the marketplace receives the amount of the sale and notifies the seller who prepares and sends the product to the customer.

How do sellers who offer their products in the Marketplace perceive their sales?

In order to safeguard the legal rights of withdrawal of the buyers, the amounts of the sales made between the 1st and the 15th of each month will be paid between the 1st and the 5th of the following month, after deduction of the commissions for the service. Likewise, the sales generated between the 16th and 30th of each month will be paid between the 16th and 20th of the following month once the commissions for the service have been deducted.

What are the options to advertise my products?
You can find all our advertising options HERE.
Who should issue an invoice if it is requested by the buyer?
If a buyer needs an invoice for the product purchased should contact the seller who has the obligation to send it.
Can sellers have vacation periods?
YES. A salesperson from his salesperson account can put a period of vacations in which his products will be visible in the market but they will not be able to be acquired in this period.
Can sellers put their social networks in their seller's account?

YES. Sellers have a space in their seller's account from where they can put their different social networks that will appear in their profile as a seller.


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